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Dream log - the wedding disaster/ matchmaking/ chi tcher

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May. 25th, 2012 | 02:55 pm
mood: weirdweird

Was at this wedding dinner of some relative at a huge convention centre. Concurrently there's a matchmaking tv programme filming next door and the crew's desperate for contestants. I crept away from the wedding which was going nowhere and then I went into the filming studio without anyone knowing. The crew directed me to a runway and asked me to walk to the other end to wait for my 'potential matches' to appear from the doors facing me. I walked to the looped remix of 'walk walk fashion baby' part of Bad Romance, feeling a little excited. Finally the spotlights were on the doors. The men came out all smiley. Their appearances alone invoked some mild sense of nausea. The only 'eyecandies' that were present, after which i got to know, were 5 year-olds. 'Oh they'd definitely look hot when they grow older. Oh well.'

I simply cannot go on with this show and left without a word. Wandering around I found my way through a tiny alleyway to a floor of classy hotel rooms. Apparently my secondary school was having their Chinese lessons in each hotel rooms as an innovative approach to Chinese lessons. I sneaked in as a relief teacher. 3 to four kids squeezed on a bed, 3 beds to a room and whiteboard on a wall. An old Chinese female teacher (who looked like my sec 1 Chinese teacher, or maybe she was) was babbling on with her microphone while the students were not even trying to stay awake. "How are they gonna learn like that?" I can't help but exclaim. This drew the teacher's attention to me and she asked, in suspicious tone, "Who are you? (to criticise?) Are you one of the reliefs? Find yourself some room, and don't interrupt," I joined in one of the beds. Strangely, all of the students were 5 year-old Caucasians. I sat on the edge of the bed watching them sleep. 'Ah, this is really going nowhere,' I thought to myself.

After dozing off for a while, I got up and recalled the ongoing wedding. I rushed off without saying a word.... And I woke up before I could go back to the wedding.

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