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Dream/ Nightmare log - between Heaven and Hell

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Apr. 26th, 2012 | 01:24 am

I got on a taxi.
Told the taxi man (a bald middle aged guy) 广福村 but he heard as something like 运福村 and drove me all the way to HK island.
Seeing the meter going higher and higher I freaked out and asked him to drop me at the nearest subway so i can take a train home. He dropped me off somewhere without a word.
The subway was supposed to be Tampines. But the area was shrouded in touristy Egyptian themed park settings. I roamed around for a bit to find the entrance into the subway but couldn't.
There were two sides: the good and evil.

The good:
Wooden carved people with blond frizzy hair and protruding boobs shaped like a spinning top. Their facial features made them look like discarded voodoo barbie dolls. Triangular face, large eyes, small mouths.
Someone told me "they pleated their hair with gold" and after a moment a revelation struck me that it was an anecdote to their golden hair.

I stepped on a hut structure and got a bird's eye view (of a few storeys) of the surrounding and it seemed like it was a huge theme park.

It turned dark. The hours are slowing down. It was midnight and I was beginning to fret. Still I could not find the way out.
Everything was dim. It was as if I got night vision goggles on. I stumbled into a temple, a traditional chinese looking one, and bumped into JT at the courtyard. She said, in a plain tone, 'Why are you here? You're not supposed to be here,"

Her blank but powerful stare compelled me to believe her and that something is seriously wrong in here.
Just as I was about to find my way out, a voice thundered down from somewhere within the temple.
"People come in, but no one gets out."

A huge black shadow started seeping out from the roof of the temple, covering every remnant of light in the overcast night sky.
I looked up and around in horror; zombie-like people in shabby clothes started swarming out from within the temple. JT who was beside me grabbed my arms with extraordinary strength; it was only futile to struggle. I shut my eyes tight from the impending zombie apocalypse. Even more horrifying images flashed through behind my eyelids. I could tangibly feel the physical torment, the rotting smell of hell and its infinitude.

This must be what hell looks like.

This is what I get for stumbling into a place like this.

God get me out of here.

For the very first time I prayed. Hard.
How I survived I don't know. But I remembered seeing rays of light showering upon me. Those Wooden dolls appeared before me, in a symbolic V-formation, each of them donned in white dress. The forefront lady in white jewellery said, 'you prayed, and you're salvaged.'

I thanked them profusely, and decided I would follow their path.

This is salvation.

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(no subject)

from: saladpony
date: Apr. 27th, 2012 10:20 am (UTC)

You watch too many horror movies.

And yes I hopped accounts again. ;_;

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