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[fanfic] Wake Me Up, Tear Me Down (Zico/Joon)

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May. 29th, 2012 | 11:07 pm
music: Portishead - Glory Box

Pairing: Zico x Joon

Type: Angst/ Smut

Rating: M

Note: I do apologise for the unlikely and seemingly unrelated pairing. This fic's objective is really just to fulfil my curiosity in their potential chemistry. Also it's a celebration for Zico's comeback :D Comments are greatly welcome!!!!

"You want me, I can smell it,” whispered Joon into Zico’s ear. Without warning his caressing hands crawled up to Zico’s neck and strangled it. He gripped the man’s wrists as hard as possible, but his strength was no match. Zico kicked and writhed in futile under the weight of this man, his skin going scarlet. He could feel blood pumping violently under his skin.  I could die. This isn’t a dream. His manhood was hard as ever.

“Please…” Zico whimpered."


Read it here! :D

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